Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Vacay!

We're nearing the end of our week long hiatus from work and let me tell was a much needed break for us! We started off by spending July 4th at one of the local beaches. It was a perfectly sunny day without being too hot. We set up camp in our sun shade, let Parker play with the sand (which we soon realized was a big mistake since "playing" = trying to make it her afternoon snack) and hopped in the water. Parker absolutely loved the lake. She was kicking her feet all around and had a great time people watching.

Here we are trying the sun shade out in the house. I was so excited to get this thing and had to open it immediately. Yes, things like sun shades get me excited now. We had fun playing in it for quite a while :) I'm truly a kid at heart! As you can see in the photos, Parker is trying her hardest to crawl. She has everything down pat and has for a while--the up on all fours, moving her knees and's just coordinating everything together so that she goes forward. We've had some movement that is borderline crawling, but no racing across the floor just yet. She gets around though on her butt and tummy. Crawling will come soon enough though!

I had to dig out my point and shoot for the beach. I didn't want to risk getting sand in my DSLR plus the heat isn't good for the camera body so I left it at home. The wanna-be photographer in me cringed at the thought of leaving my lovely camera at home but I still got some cute, though low quality, shots of my wonderful family! We have some shots of Parker eating toast with a mango spread, us in the water, and some self portraits ;)

I have much more to post later on about our time in Hocking Hills and Athens. Stay tuned!

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