Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess Who is Sitting?

Parker has been practicing her sitting skills for well over a month now. At first she could sit for just a few seconds before falling over. A few seconds turned into thirty seconds, then a minute, then a few minutes! I was such a proud mama last weekend when I was playing with Parker on our bed and she decided to sit and play for the longest time.

I know what comes soon after sitting and that's crawling! Our house is not the least bit baby proof. Wait, I take that back. We do have a baby gate blocking off the stairs that go to the basement. But that was put up more for Sydney since she liked to go down to the basement and it's not puppy safe down there all the time. So we have a lot of work to do in the next couple months--the wine glasses on our wine rack need to find a new home, plants need to be placed on high shelving, vases need to be put away...there will be a lot of things going into storage! Ahhhh, how I will love all the extra space we will have when the basement is finished. We sure do need it!

Parker's new thing is to purse her lips together and blow air through them to make noises. It's the silliest thing and she does it all the time!

Doing it again!

Parker was absolutely fascinated by her blankie!

After a long time of sitting Parker decided that she had enough and toppled over. She thinks it's hilarious when she falls! Thankfully our bed is nice and comfy so it doesn't hurt :)

Now off to starting thinking about how to baby-proof this house!


  1. Stacie, I love her Bobcat Pride! Miss you all...kiss those baby cheeks for me!

  2. I love her Bobcat pride too! I'll give Parker lots of hugs and kisses from you!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Unfortunately blogs are blocked at work but I check it out every night while Parker is napping on me. Isn't blogging so much fun?

    Miss ya!