Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Typically Kris and I don't do anything non-Parker related during her waking hours. No cooking, no cleaning, no computer, no nothing that doesn't involve playing and cuddling with our little girl. When she falls asleep for the night one of us usually cuddles with her on the couch while the other runs around like a manic trying to fit a billion things to do in just a couple hours. I never plan to do things differently--what matters more, having a spotless house or cherishing every moment you have with the ones you love? If you came over to my house unannounced, you'd be able to tell in an instant that it's the latter :)

However, we do have a dog that loves to shed and a baby that loves to put everything in her mouth, so we need to vacuum and sweep daily. Since we aren't the type of parents that will plop their baby down in the bouncer/exersaucer/whatever to get chores done, we bring Parker along for the ride!

And in true Parker fashion, she's sneaking a glimpse at the TV. We aren't planning on letting her watch TV for quite a while and she must know that because she will do anything to see what is on! I'm pretty sure that March Madness was on in this picture. What can I say, she's daddy's little girl :)

Even though we are both insanely busy at work, the moment we walk in the door and hug Parker it's as if all our work troubles have disappeared. Parker is such a great stress reliever :) April 18th will be a nice work stress reliever for me as well--the end of the 2010 tax season as I know it! That date seriously cannot come fast enough!

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