Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another New Toy

A few weeks ago Parker discovered her feet and they are now her favorite toy. And she thought hands were cool! I bought little socks with animals on them that jingle when she kicks her feet to help her learn cause and effect—I kick my feet around and they make noise—and to make her more aware of these fun toys that are connected to her body. Parker didn’t like the socks at first since she wanted to put them in her mouth but couldn’t reach. That all changed this past weekend when she discovered that she could pull her feet all the way up! I think that we have a future gymnast on our hands :)

Sydney also really likes the new socks :) I really have to keep an eye on that dog! If I didn't she would have those things in her mouth in no time!

Parker trying to pet her big sister :) Sydney is all about trying to lick Parker but when Parker reaches out for her fur Sydney wants no part of it!

Parker's favorite place to play with her feet is on her changing table. It is almost impossible to diaper her now since she's always grabbing onto her toes and shoving them in her mouth! We have always had a lot of fun on the changing table; we set a mobile up on it and Parker absolutely loves looking at it and talking to the animals. We have even more fun now since she discovered her feet!

Check out my new trick, mama!

Haha, this cracks me up every time!

Whatcha lookin' at? This is totally normal. Totally.

Look at that bear flying around! Parker is now able to reach the mobile toys just enough to be able to bat at them.

It's so cool to see Parker experience new things, even if it is something as silly as shoving feet in her mouth :)

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