Friday, May 2, 2014

It's official!

As of this past Wednesday our house is officially on the market! So far so good.  Within hours we had our first scheduled showing and the same person scheduled a second showing the next morning.  Another showing earlier this evening, three tomorrow, and we’re on the right track! While we’re still mourning the prospect of selling not just a house, but a home, I feel a wave of relief when I remember that we’re getting into the 8th best school in the state and #443 in the nation (check out  US News for your school! It's a great resource).  Yep, we've finally determined our location—same town we’re in now, which is great because we adore all the amenities in this area.

Keeping a house spotless with two young children, a dog, and a full time job is far from a walk in the park. Windex windows? Little hands will find them.  Clean the stainless fridge? Little hands find that too.  Add a black shedding dog to the mix and I’m cleaning way more during the hours of 9pm to 11pm then any sane human being should be cleaning.  I cannot keep this gig up so sell home, sell!

Other things:

Parker started soccer.  Parker cried at soccer.  Parker didn’t want Kris to leave her side. Parker needs to nap this Sunday so we have better results.  I’m feeling optimistic that if this girl will settle down and admit to herself that she actually is tired and must nap  she will do much better at her game this week.  Fingers crossed! Regardless, I’m proud of her for doing the drills (which she did with grins!) and saying that she wanted to play again.

Pink team!
Dance is still going great.  In two weeks Parker has her dress rehearsal and photo shoot.  In six weeks she has her spring recital! So stoked to see her "Animal Cracker" routine.  Then it's on break until we start up again in the fall.  

Teagan is such a monkey-see monkey-do girl.  If Parker jumps off the couch, Teagan tries to jump off the couch.  If Parker runs around the house, Teagan runs around the house.  It’s amazing to see the effect Parker has over her little sis.  Poor T is in the middle of a sore throat and cough bug that kept her out of school this past Monday (and scored this mama a day of hooky with her girls!) but seems to be on the mend now.  She says really cute things like "I love you" and "peeta" for pizza.  

Easter was a nice day with the fam.  The bunny treated us well, however Teagan was NOT happy when she realized that she was not allowed to shove 39 Starburst jelly beans into her mouth at once.  

Often I'm asked if the girls are twins (typically when I'm holding Teagan and it's hard to tell the size difference).  I see the similarities :) 

Sigh :) 


Parker showing off her new butterfly rain coat with matching boots. 

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Some chica is happy finding eggs.

Day out at The Villages to see the big bunny.

Yes folks, this is a real picture of Parker getting ready to HUG the Easter Bunny.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! 

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