Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Fast update before we pack up the fam for a long weekend and head to a world of water, 84 degree temps, and fun in the great indoors.  Yeppers, it’s time for Great Wolf Lodge! I’m ready for a much needed break and here's why:

Remember how I previously mentioned listing our house for sale in two years? About that…two years turned into two minutes.  We're 97% sure that our house is being listed for sale.  Like, soon.  Like as soon as the painters get done painting the outside of our house and the mulch gets laid (three inches of snow in mid-April will wreck even the best laid outdoor sprucing up plans) and the flowers bloom. 

My heartstrings are being tugged on.  We ADORE our home.  Six years in this home has brought us from a recently engaged couple, to husband and wife, to a family of three and shortly thereafter, a family of four.  We had vision in this home and we brought those visions to life.  From the little things of updating every last doorknob and painting every last piece of baseboard trim, to the big things of demolishing and renovating our master bath to adding livable space in the basement, we've poured our hearts in this home. 

But the time has come to say goodbye.  While the school district we’re in is good, it’s not the best.  Three of the best school districts not only in the state but in the nation are literally right at our fingertips.  One district is in the town I work in.  The other is in the neighboring town.  The other is in our current town but to the northwest.  While school districts were not of most importance to us six years ago, they are now.  So away we must go. Plus we want to get in before interest rates and home prices rise even higher.

However, obstacles are in our way but let’s start with the positive.  It’s a sellers market so we should be able to sell fast with a nice profit.  Now let’s go to the negative.  It’s a sellers market.  Homes are selling fast and inventory is low.  This week three houses were listed that I really liked.  They’re already off the market.  It’s only Wednesday.  You do the math.  Also good school districts = less bang for your buck. 

Thankfully though we have a lot of great people helping us through this process.  The CEO of a large real estate agency is our client so he directly referred us to the best real estate agent in our area.  My coworkers are all Michigan born and raised and just this morning I took a 30 minute tour with one of them around potential neighborhoods.  We’re on the right path, and I’m sure we’ll find something, but I’m ready for this to be a long process.  Checking out three homes tonight so we shall see!

Whew, so much for a fast update! Other things going on:

Parker is in full blown playdate mode. Last weekend’s playdate was at a roller rink.  Parker rocked and ROLLED (hehe) it. I was SO proud of her for trying and actually learning how to skate.  The rink had an instructor, the Easter Bunny, and Parker’s name was drawn and she won an Easter basket full of goodies.  Earlier that week she won a drawing at school and was awarded a bear.  I’m thinking we should take her to the casino this weekend. 

Duck face preschoolers.  Posing all on their own. I know, we're in trouble.
Teagan is in love with hats.  Winter hats.  In spring. 

Doing it!

This happened.  On April 15.  BUT this did set us over the Michigan record for most snowfall in a season.  I can already hear myself saying, "back in my day..."

Dentist success! Parker rocked it.  I was SO proud of her bravery.  While I got my teeth cleaned Parker chilled on the chair with me and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Next it was her turn and there was no fussing, no resistance, and no tears.  At the end she was rewarded with a Disney princess toothbrush, three toys from the toy chest and high fives.  

Trying to sell my dad on the tastiness of Lacroix via a cute pic.

What else, what else...

My baby girl who refuses to keep her hair up in anything while at home :) 

What is it about belly laying and coloring that is so darn cute? 

Obligatory library photo.

So there you have it & this girl is off to bed.  Happy Easter all!


  1. What is that LaCroix flavor you are drinking!?! We are addicts here, mostly Pamplemouse and Peach-Pear.

    Loving the updates of the chicas!!

    1. Pomme Baya! So tasty. I recently bought Klarbrunn Lemon and Lime from Costco and it's pretty good too.