Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello all!

I am living in a whirlwind right now, and here's why:

-our home listed on a Wednesday afternoon.  It sold that Saturday morning.  3 ½ days. Almost full asking price. Uhhhh...what??

-we found a house we thought we loved.  Offered full price.  Got the house.  Backed out due to inspection findings. 

-viewed 12 homes.  Put an offer on another under asking and way under budget and in our coveted school district. Signed deal.  Contingency in effect though so I'm cautiously optimistic until keys are in our hand.  Once the keys are in hand you better believe I'm breaking in this master bath.  And the master closet.  And the backyard that backs to endless subdivision woods (read: no potential homes being developed in our backyard.  Rare find.  Also rare find: one of the multiple huge sub parks is just next door).  

-must be out of our house by second week in July.  Clock is ticking. 

-this house search has consumed my life and has sent me on an emotional rollercoaster.  I've been stressed.  I've lost weight.  I've been excited.  I've planned room designs and paint colors. I've went back to being stressed.  Right now though I feel good :) 

-Parker’s spring recital costume came in and there’s only one word to describe it: DARLING! Even more darling was the rehearsal. Recital is next month.  Very much so looking forward to seeing what miss P has been practicing for endless weeks!

P's BFF.

Parker is concerned.

Still side eyeing this entire process.

Warmed up and nailing it!

-Soccer went much better thanks to naps.  Parker is doing it on her own, listening to the coaches (Rochester High soccer players), following all the drills, and has even made a friends with a teammate.  Parker and L love running around right next to each other.  The minor details of actually kicking the ball into the net are being overlooked.  Socializing is much more interesting. A certain mother often got in trouble in school for talking to friends "excessively."  Please, define excessive because I'm certain I'll disagree. I guess it's hereditary.

Preschool Adidas? Yes!

-Dare I say Teagan has outgrown her milk intolerance?! We’ve experimented by giving her dairy at dinner and knock on all the wood you see, it hasn’t upset her belly, sleep, or general happiness.  Hopefully we’re on the road to serving one meal that everyone will eat (ha, hilarious!)
**update: I wrote this post weeks ago.  The dairy did in fact wreck Teagan.  Back to non-dairy meals...

Zoo trip, Mother's Day. 

-The bigger she gets, the more fun it is to see all she’s able to do.  Stringing words together to form sentences (not nice, Parker—that never goes over well—to uh oh ehtio—uh oh, spaghettio--I just love seeing that little mind grow and grow.
-Teagan will now give us kisses and hugs whenever we ask.  Hands down, one of the best things about being a mama.

You would not believe how often we get asked if the girls are twins.  Matching outfits or not, it's a question we answer on the regular.

Out of 46 mom-daughter pics, this is the best shot.  For real. 

What else, what else…

We're looking forward to family visiting for the holiday weekend.  The inspection on hopefully our new home is Saturday.  Rochester Heritage Festival on Sunday.  Parade Monday.  Online shopping deals all weekend long ;)

Happy long weekend everyone!!


  1. Love love love the master bath!! Hope everything goes well at the inspection!

  2. So exciting! Hope everything is going well with the inspection!

  3. Ummm...I saw your new Pinterest board and figured I needed to check the ol' bloggy! Because, I have a new job that has seriously taken over my life and haven't been keeping up with ANYONE. Congrats on the house selling and that closet and bathroom...AMAZING!! I hope everything works out!