Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Fun

I’ve hit that spot where I see something cool/cute/hilarious and snatch up my phone for a picture rather than my DSLR.  I promise DSLR I have not forgot about you.  It’s not you, it’s me.  But for now, my phone photo dump:


Check out those lil bowling shoes baby girl is sporting.

Paid for 2 ½ hours and barely last an entire hour.  And even that was about an hour too long.  I thought the thrill of pushing the bright balls down the kiddie ramp would provide hours of entertainment. Mama thought wrong.  Parker pushed two, maybe three balls down before that novelty wore off.  But I had a blast! Kris and I took turns between throwing strikes and hanging out with the girls.  Might be a few years before we take another family trip to Classic Lanes though it was nice to get out as a family on a cold, wintery day.

 Do you see what I see?? Yeppers, as of a few weeks ago Teagan is walking 100% unassisted!

Birthday Fun:

Red cheeks and sweaty.  The result of running, sprinting even, for three straight hours.

Parker’s social calendar is filling up with birthday parties.  Last one was at the gymnastic studio where Parker used to take lessons and this one was at Jungle Java, the huge indoor play-place.  Something about watching your child interact and have a genuinely good time with peers is so heartwarming.  The smiles, the laughter, the sliding down the huge slides again and again and again…it’s neat seeing her in a moment of pure and utter joy. 

Ready to jump in the foam pit for the 453rd time.

If you ever wondered if three year old girls chest bump the answer is yes.


Our library is stocked with goodies.  There’s a puppet show area, play kitchen, a bazillion blocks, magnents, and puzzles, fish tank, and this statue of “some dude” as Parker would say.  Obsessed doesn’t even describe how she feels about this boy.  Teagan, however, feels the opposite.

I did not notice Baby Alive in the background until now.  Scared me to death.


The movie, not the weather, though same thing ;) Lucky duck Parker saw this movie not only once but twice! Her first movie theater experiences were nothing short of amazing.  With the big screen full of Disney amazingness and a big ol bucket of popcorn how could you not have the time of your life?! Rapunzel even tagged along.  Parker really liked this one, and I find it really cool that it’s about the bond between sisters.  We’ve spent many evenings blasting songs from Frozen and dancing in our living room, all while Parker pretends to be big sister Elsa and Teagan acts as baby sister Ana.  Are they just trying to be super cute in hopes that I remember these moments when they inevitably get into loads of trouble down the road? More likely than not. 


Let me break it down for you.  Parker has a more adventurous, risk taking personality.  Teagan is more cautious and calm.  But when Parker repeatedly shows off her daredevil skills while in the presence of lil sis, the end result is this:

Shaking it!

As Seen on TV:

My sister knows my love affair with El Vaquero’s taco salad and my inability to eat it on the regular due to 4 hours between me and Columbus so what’s the next best thing?? Taco bowls! My deep freezer is always stocked with tortillas thanks to Costco so it makes sense.  Love this heavenly goodness.  The shell comes out nice and crisp and flavorful if you do it up with a little oil and spices. And while this dish looks like a mix of vomit and canned dog food, I swear it was so good.


Enough said :)


View from our sweet suite.
Pistons game with my team at work.  The actual game took a backseat to the food, the drinks, and most important of all--Faith Evan performing at halftime.  Out of 20+ people only three people have heard of her. Two of these people were me and Kris.  Only one girl was super excited.  Not going to name names though ;)

And that's about it.  We are spending this weekend enjoying the WARM indoors! With 40 mph winds and below zero temps I really don't think we have a choice in the matter ;) Bundle up everyone and if it's sunny where you are, by all means send some of that warm weather up our way!


  1. Oh my gosh - DH and I used to bowl at Classic lanes all.the.time.!! So many good memories at that place! We were even on a league there once. Looks like fun!

  2. Ahhh, get out! Well if you guys decide to take a trip down memory lane one day soon let me know. Maybe Sean can inspire Parker :)