Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

As of this weekend I am an official mom.

My hair is chopped. And I bought a one piece bathing suit. M.O.M.

Teagan sporting her moo-moo leggings and me sporting my new hairs at Cook's Dairy Farm.  Check that one off the the summer bucket list!

Perhaps it's because my 30th is right around the corner.  Perhaps it's because I've had two children in less than two years and my ab routine is non-existent.  Whatever the reason, I felt that it was time to bid my farewells to long hair and string bikinis. 

My new look was sported at our pool this past weekend.  Mid-June and it was our first time swimming! Low 70s and cloudy is simply not conducive to being poolside.  Saturday we packed up and headed to the pool to have our plans literally rained on.  So to the great indoors we went—the kid friendly mall.  Carousel, play place, Bass Pro (for the fishies), and Rainforest Café.

Thankfully we could strap Parker to the horse because God forbid we try to hold onto her.

Bass Pro had boats too.  Who knew? One day we'll have a boat.  One day when I don't have to fear my fearless Parker jumping/falling/diving out of the thing.  But for now, we will spend 30 minutes at a time pretending to drive the Bass boats while ignoring the glares of grumpy old employees.
An 80% chance of rain on Father's Day turned into 80 degrees and sunny.  We zoo’d it, complete with a picnic (another bucket list item checked off!) and pooled it.  The pool has a kiddie area complete with a kid-sized water slide.  Parker walked up the steps to the slide a couple times, thought about it, then came back down.  But bravery got the best of her and finally she slid down.  “LETS DO IT AGAIN!” Repeat 60 times (not exaggerating).  The joy on her face was enough to burst my heart.  Watching her conquer her fear of the slide made me one proud mama.  Watching her slide through my arms at the bottom of the slide, going completely under water (have I mentioned the world ends when girlfriend even gets a drop of water in her eye? Because it does) made me feel a little less proud.  But a couple minutes of ear piercing screams later and she was back at it. 

She ain't mad about it.

And neither is her partner in crime.

How itty bitty teeny tiny doesn't T look next to Kris??

Teagan doesn't appear to mind water in her eyes. 

So there you have it.  I forgot how much fun we have during the summer.  Sun up to sun down we are go go go.  Looking forward to next weekend.  Water park? Beach? More pool? Maybe we'll do it all!

And last but not least, happy Father’s Day weekend!  I couldn’t ask for a better dad for my girls.   Funny, patient, kind…he’s got all the positive traits and none of the negative.  Love you and all that you do for us!

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