Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Things

May has come and gone and as usual, it was a great month in the S house. Some May happenings included:

Well, this has nothing to do with May but a few months ago the girls were subjected to their semiannual school photos.  I’m always excited to see the end result.  


The "Reflection Pond" really adds a little something special to this one.

Oh my poor Parker!

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Columbus with my fam.  The Cbus zoo was visited and it was in.credible.  Apparently it’s the #1 zoo in America.  Huge variety of animals, aquarium, petting zoo, pony rides….seriously, this zoo has it all.  A water park is even attached but at 65 degrees no one was about to jump in for a swim.

Nana, Pap Pap, Lindz, and Jes

Miss Diva rocking her shades, compliments of Lindsey and Jes.

That Sunday we headed up to Aurora to visit Kris’ family.  Parker and Teagan were finally able to experience a parade.  Small it was but both enjoyed it.


Kris was able to see his grandfather on Sunday and the very next day, on Memorial Day, he passed. I’m very thankful that we made it to Ohio in time for Kris to say goodbye.  We were already back in Michigan when we heard the news.  So we packed everything back up and headed back to Ohio early Wednesday for the funeral.  While not the happiest of circumstances, it was truly great to see so many family members. 

Miss Natalie and Teagan :)

Parker and her cousin Caroline.  Only three months apart but states away so they don’t get together too often. Of course they start playing together in the cutest way possible minutes before we’re ready to head back home.

Caroline is  an excellent piano player.

Just ask Parker ;)

Trying to get five children to pose for a family photo is quite the impossible task. 

And the photo dump continues:
Lindsey & T
Lindsey & P
P & something swimming

Loving life

My little daredevil.  Girlfriend has absolutely no fear. Rock walls, jumping from slides, ignoring of our pleas of “be careful.” I like the brave, adventurous personality that’s balled up in all 36 inches of her.  I just hope that no broken limbs come as a result.

So there you have it.  We did lots of other things—hung out with neighbors, blew up our huge swimming pool, arts & crafts, and more—and we’re looking forward to warmer temps this month.  Happy June!

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