Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Oh my, have I ever been neglecting this blog! By the time all the babes are sleeping soundly (930pm) it’s time to shower, clean the kitchen, prep bottles/T food/my lunch/Kris’ lunch, pack bookbags, pump (die pump, die) prep a meal for dinner, get the morning coffee ready to roll (necessity), lay out clothes for me and the girls (double necessity) & so on (all with the help of my super duper hands on hubby).  Call me crazy, but by the time this is all said and done (11pm-ish) zoning out to trash TV is higher on the totem pole than blogging. 

May recap is coming up as is Teagan’s 8 month post.  We had a pretty eventful past month and the busy busy will continue through the summer.  To make sure we hit up all areas of fun that we want to a summer bucket list is in the works. From the little to the not so little, we’re doing it all.  In no particular order:

1.       Chuck E Cheese
-Parker is 2 ½ and has yet to experience CEC.  Pizza, games, creepy looking mouse with what I’m sure is an equally creepy looking dude inside said mouse…what’s not to love??
2.       Upland Hills Farm
-near and dear to our hearts.  The location of Parker’s 2nd birthday party and home to many farm animals, hayrides, storybook trail, pony rides…Upland is our fave country spot. 
3.       Picnic at park
-any park, it doesn’t really matter. We often have picnics in our backyard in the summer so we’ll do the same with just a change of scenery.

Mini snack picnic after our family run to the park. We even got to check out the new community vegetable garden.  Pretty neat area to live in!

4.       Fly a kite
5.       Roast marshmallows over a fire

6.       Toledo Zoo
-apparently we get a discount with our Detroit Zoo membership.  And bonus—we can stop at El Vaquero in Monroe, Michigan on the way down!
7.       Parade
-crossed off ( we saw the Memorial Day parade in Ohio) but we have more to see during the Cherry Festival in Traverse.  Parade every day!
8.       Northern Michigan
-ringing in my 30’s with Sleeping Bear Dunes, gorgeous lakes, and general outdoor fun.
9.       Moonlight Movie
-compliments of our downtown.  Four Saturday nights in the summer a family friendly movie is shown on a jumbo screen and food and drinks are served.  915pm is the start time so while we’ll probably have to cut out a tad early or deal with an epic meltdown (I vote option one) but we’ll still make it happen.
10.   Red Oakes Waterpark
-lazy river, huge kiddie area, wave pool…it’s all very fun!
11.   Aquatic Center
-we live here in the summer
12.   Lakes
-we also live here in the summer
13.   Try new foods
-this is an idea from Parker’s teacher.  Each week pick out a new food as a family. Talk about it—the color, texture, smell—try it, and decide whether or not to buy it again.
14.   Farmer’s Market
-we have yet to go this season.  Time to load the babes up in the wagon and head downtown! It could tie in nicely with #13.
15.   See a movie
-a real movie in a real theater.  Teagan will probably have to sit this one out so it may be more of a mommy & Parker/daddy & Parker date
16.   Go bowling
17.   Play putt putt
-done! We played “pup pup” last weekend.  Parker was over it by hole 7 but still had fun “helping” us get our balls in the hole.  And by helping, I mean picking them up and dropping them in.

Hole in 12!

Even baby Teagan joined in on the fun. I lobbied for a higher par due to having a baby strapped on my chest.

18.   Wild Summer Nights—Detroit Zoo
-the zoo stays open late, bands play, and beer and wine are served (fo real), and everyone picnics and has a good ol time.
19.   Cook’s Dairy Farm
-keeping up with the farm theme (see #2). Lots of cows and pigs.  Last year we even saw a baby cow only a few days old! Parker was even allowed to feed it a bottle. Skeptical she was but it was adorable.  Their ice cream is homemade and it’s just a cool place with cool farm folk.  Apparently you can take the girl out of the country (me) but not the country out of the girl (me again). Stoaked to go back.

So there you have it.  Not too shabby so far!

I promise that I’ll be back sooner rather than later.  Or maybe I’ll choose to watch the Bachelorette instead ;)


  1. Love the bucket list! You've got me motivated to make one now too! Taking Sean putt-putting is definitely on our list!

    1. I figure if it's all written down it's easier to remember what we want to do this summer. I'm actually going to write it out on poster board and hang it up. With each activity we do, Parker can help cross it off :)