Monday, September 26, 2011


I am majorly bummed out. One of Parker’s teachers, Sherry, let me know this morning that she will be switching daycares. She’s been with our daycare for eight years and is moving to a center that will let her move up the ladder, something that’s not possible in her current position. Many daycares experience high turnover rates; one of the reasons we picked our daycare is because they don’t have such turnover. I was totally blindsided by this news. I’m glad that Sherry is bettering herself, but selfishly I can’t help but to think how this will affect Parker. Both Parker and Sherry adore each other. When Sherry told me that she was leaving she started to tear up. She talked about Parker being one of her favorites and how dearly she would miss her.

I’m hoping that Parker copes well with this change. She is very comfortable with her other full time teacher and the few floaters but I can’t help but wonder if she will be confused when Ms. Sherry isn’t there to give her a big hug in the morning. Ugh. I feel like I’m going through a breakup or something!

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