Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer winds down

Here we are, one full week left of summer.  Countdown to kindergarten is ON.  By Friday we will know which class Parker is in.  Monday we get to tour her classroom and meet the teacher.  Things are getting REAL!!

Parker is beyond ready to move on from preschool.  Academically she's killing, she makes friends with ease, and her confidence is so strong.  I know she will thrive in this new environment and I can't wait to experience it all with her.  P is very excited to ride the bus, meet new friends, and play with her neighbor friends.  No fear at all.

Teagan on the other hand might miss big sis a little bit.  The reality of P not being in the same building with her has hit home.  They clung to each other on the ride to school this week.  Tears were involved.

No crying allowed at Target though! Oh wait, I take that back.  Once I broke the news to Teagan that the hideous garage-sale-esque  scarf she picked out belonged to Target and only Target she was not happy about it.

The fruits, erhm, veggies of their labor have paid off in the form of bright orange baby carrots.  P & T are loving pulling these out daily and munching away. Next year we are going to kick the garden up a notch.  By we I mean the girls.  I keep three things alive--P, T & E--and that's enough for me right now.  No need to add veggies into the mix!

Our pedi is the bom dot com. Not only is she knowledgeable & holistic but she throws client appreciation parties.

We had face painters ::

Heaven on Earth, aka, a shaved ice truck

Live music ::

And a full on petting zoo! Check out that face on Teagan. This girl was obsessed with the ducks and chickens.  She sat for the longest time with the chickens on her lap.  When one would hop off she would walk over, grab it all by herself, and sit back down for cuddles.  

This got me thinking--could we buy our own chicken?? If you saw how happy Teagan was in the presence of this feathery guy the same thought would be going through your mind.  So off to Google to find the city ordinance I went. You CAN have chickens thoughhhhhhh you can only own 12 or less (easy) and you need to have at least one acre. We live on .6 acres and that's considered a very large lot. It is near impossible to find a house in our city with 1 acre of land so basically you can't have chickens.  

Good thing we're having a petting zoo for the girls bday party this year!

Our zoo has music, food, and drinks every Wednesday night in July and August. So of course every Wednesday night in July and August we are in attendance.  This particular night was super cool due to a very active polar bear!


Nothing to see here except THE CUTEST BABY EVER. This girl has my heart. You know the saying about three kids? Certainly applies:

First kid : I make the rules
Second kid: I'm the reason we have rules
Third kid : The rules don't apply to me

True true & true!

Downward dog while enjoying pizza.  #gameon

A couple weeks ago I was able to volunteer on the girls field trip to the Aquarium.  It was so fun spending this extra time with them, all their friends, and the parents as well.  Looking forward to many more field trips in the future!

Girls helped make Kris' birthday brownies. Eating the batter is always the best part :)

When I ask the girls to pose for pictures I get a true representation of their personalities.  Sisters, yes.  Same personality, NO! 


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