Monday, August 1, 2016

Columbus, baby J, movies & more!

Another poolisde weekend in the books.  Never ever will I get sick of our backyard vacation.  With the intense summer sun and our pool solar cover we had water temps up to a heavenly 96 degrees last week.  Borderline hot tub & fine by me.  Though come Sunday after a couple days of clouds the water dropped back to where we heat it, 88 degrees.  Still super warm, but poor little Teagan was unpleasantly surprised by the "cold" water as she took her first dip in the pool cannonball style.  Cried cried cried!

Straight chillin

Poolside cabana for rent

Little Emerson had the pleasure of meeting the Detroit Zoo penguin this past week during our weekly pizza and live music night. Look how thrilled she is to be held in 90+ degree heat while her sisters (not pictured) frolic in the zoo splash pad.

We lost Sydney almost a year ago and Parker still draws pictures of her every single day :(  The girls have been asking for a new puppy but I am SO not there yet.  But hey, it looks like Parker would like a bunny and fox too so I have some options!

Ahhhh, the memories being made all on our court.  Nothing like a late night outdoor viewing of Zootopia with popcorn and the neighbor crew.  Such an enjoyable night.  Made for some cranky pants the next day but it was definitely worth it.  

A couple weekends ago we made the trek to Ohio to see baby Jack.  Full steam ahead!

The girls loved being able to meet prince Jack.  It was so heartwarming to see all the cousins together :) 

E looks HUGE next to J!! 

Do you think Parker is a proud cousin or what?! :) 

The weekend weather was insanely hot so we stayed indoors at the amazing Cosi Science Center.  So much for the littles to touch and explore.  Later in the day we wandered out to the Jazz & Rib Festival and enjoyed the super cool riverside splash pad.  These girls have it made!

Ready to enjoy another week of amazing temps!

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