Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer is here!

The days of 80 degree temps and bountiful sunshine have arrived! And better yet, the forecast shows that this weather is here to stay.  Long awaited and much appreciated. What better way to celebrate than by lounging poolside enjoying all that Snapchat has to offer.

The girls and I were in fits of laughter over this silliness!

When you are sick of Snapchat you can always "relax" inside by ripping up dated wood floors.  We bought our house based on location--nationally ranked schools, wooded backyard, and culdesac--knowing that the interior could easily be updated.  And after countless projects from interior doors to crown molding to a basement remod and so on it's finally time to tackle the thin plank, yellowish floors.  Up next is wide plank rustic looking bamboo!

I'm hoping to have the room cleared out and swept up tonight and the floors completely installed by Sunday evening.  My parents are visiting this weekend for the girls dance recital and I wouldn't really call this room guest ready :-P

A project of this magnitude is loud.  Circular saws and hammers are involved.  Thankfully neither seem to bother Emerson.  I sat her in her crib to keep her put as I ran downstairs to warm a bottle.  The sawing was in full force so I didn't want her little ears to be hurt.  Two minutes later I come up to feed her and find this.  Face first passed out!

It is difficult getting a picture with all three girls looking and smiling at the phone.  Selfies seem to do the trick though :)

When your kids wake at 7am and it's not quite warm enough yet for a dip in the pool, you have fun with it. Cheap labor at it's finest.  

The car washing was followed up by a bike ride.  Safety first of course! Helmets in case you fall off your bike and boots in case it snows.  It is Michigan after all. 

Teagan demonstrating that you never can have enough accessories ;) 

One of Emerson's fave things to do.  Be super cute while poolside. While wearing the same bathing suit that P wore when she was itty bitty.

She has also started walking! Her first major steps were on the pool deck.  With her eyes on the prize (aka K) she took 16 steps straight to him while he was in the pool.  Way to go babycakes! 

A bit of Emerson's little personality is below.  This girl is all smiles all fun all the time. 

Pool party! Our pool has been getting some great use the past two weeks.  This evening and weekend are no exception. 

Emerson's first experience with grass.  Like everything, she loved it.

Parker's first official haircut! She had the smallest of trims last year, like barely any hair came off, so this was her first legit one.  A full two inches was cut, leaving her "princess hair" nice as long as she requested.

That's a wrap! Time for a weekend of flooring and swimming!

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