Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June cont

Preschool: been there, done that! Parker’s graduation ceremony was a lot of fun.  Watching the song & dance portion, something that P had been working on for weeks, and seeing her get her diploma was simply the best.  Hard to believe that in a matter of months we will have a kindergartener on our hands.  Eeeeek!

My poor, sweet, can do no wrong Emerson has ANOTHER EAR INFECTION.  Yes, another ear infection even though she had tubes put in a short four months ago.  This baby cannot catch a break.  

I could feel a fever on her Sunday night though our thermometer was on the fritz so I wasn’t sure of the actual temp.   A little Advil helped that night and a little more the next morning.  We had an appointment scheduled for vaccines and by the time we got there her fever was almost 103.  Quick ear check confirmed another infection.  I am hoping this is not going to repeat itself over and over again.  Our pedi doesn’t want her on any more antibiotics (though she is on one now) and we’ve already had tubes so…..I’m not sure what the solution is.

All I know is that someone was less than thrilled to be waiting 20 minutes at Kroger for her meds. 

In other news, I have discovered that the S women all have Fedoras.  And I love it :) 

I also love our new wood floors! You can catch a glimpse below in the 2nd pic.  The final piece of this home reno is the kitchen.  We basically have to turn the kitchen upside down and remove the huge island and panty so that will be intense.  But after that we are on our way to have a home with all brand new flooring  from basement to first floor to second floor.  Giving this home the face lift it deserves! 

Emerson is becoming a little daredevil.  One of her fave things is to rock herself on this horse and fast as she possibly can while looking completely innocent.  Once that gets old, she tries to use the horse to help her climb onto the couch.  Cannot take our eyes off her for a second! 

Parker & Teagan have been dying to start a garden but we have backyard problems to the tune of about 11 deer who will chomp that up in a heartbeat. So we improvised and brought the planters up to our tallest deck which is above our walkout basement. We bought  the seeds & the dirt, found some unused planters and off the girls went.  I am pretty proud at how diligent they have been with their seeds.  Daily they check on their plants and make sure to water them.  Being able to see them grow gets the girls super excited.  I don’t like gardening (bugs + dirts + time suck + weeding = the worst) but I love that the girls love it.  Maybe next year we will invest in some legit large planters and kick it up a notch. 

First thing in the morning: tshirt pjs ad rain boots :)

Dance recital was fun as always.  I love getting to watch the girls do their thing.  The costumes this year were some of my favorite ones.  Parker’s dance was the Sound of Music and Teagan was the Muppet’s.  Both outfits were spot on. 

And, as always, we've been having lots of fun with Snapchat.


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