Monday, August 31, 2015

Back in the swing of things

Two weeks back in the swing of work-school-late nights and it's feeling like we didn't miss a beat.  Parker is loving being back with her buds on the regular and while Teagan is having a bit of a hard time adjusting at drop off, Parker is right there to take her under her wing and make sure she's comforted.  My sweet, nurturing, mother hen Parker to the rescue.  

Emerson is killing it at daycare.  Now that she's able to roll to her side in the crib she can fall asleep all on her own though the swing is her preferred place to take a long snooze. Girl sucks down her bottles and while I'm still pumping/nursing we're also supplementing with formula and trying to figure out a brand that doesn't make her super gassy.  Out of all the babies the teachers have seen, they all agree that Emerson is one of the easiest little one they've ever had.  

And speaking of Emerson, she is now 4 months old! So I guess that makes it a good time to catch up on her at three months ;)

Ohhhhh that grin makes my heart happy every time.

So does her semi-serious face.  Basically this child can do no wrong.

At three months old Emerson rocks tummy time and can hold her head up high, is talking up a storm (see below), loves stretching out on her play mat, swipes at toys, and snuggles up close to be rocked to sleep.  E loves to be walked in the stroller and smiles SO big when her sisters play with her.  Which is often.  

Look at my mad head-holding-up skills

I have to take your attention away from the children for a moment and ask you to look at the background of the below picture.  It's my barn door!! Thanks to the handy hubby for whipping this thing together in like two seconds.  I could not love it any more than I do.  It was the much needed finishing touch of our modern rustic living room.

Back to the kiddos. I cannot even count how many times I get comments about the girls when we're out and about.  Like sheer disbelief that we have three of the same sex.  These comments never happened with two girls but three makes peoples head spin for some reason.  I keep their heads spinning when I tell them I wanted all girls! I mean, check them out.  Of course I wanted to keep up with the theme of cutie tootie little ladies!

Sort of a random hodge podge post here but that's what you get when mama bear is surviving on six hours of broken sleep and recovering from an annoying draining head cold.  Thank goodness for coffee!

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