Friday, July 24, 2015

Here I am!

Why have I not been blogging you ask? Really it's because of the pool.  My ladies and I wake up and we pool.  We do some shopping, come home and pool. Kris gets home from work and we pool.  I live an exhausting life :-P

I really am enjoying this maternity leave to the max.  The girls are too, especially when they tag along with me to Michaels in my endless quest to buy supplies to bring my pins to life.

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with these new, bigger, glittery eyed beanie babies.  I want to own every single one.  Parker agrees.

Does everyone remember the internet sensation that is Grumpy Cat? 

Yeah, this guy!

Image result for grumpy cat

Well Teagan is obsessed with cats. Grumpy cat is no exception.  This toy was actually quite fitting this day because man oh man was she in a grumpy cat kinda mood.

After our Michaels trip and pre-pool party, the big ones kept the little one company.  Please note that Parker and Teagan are in matching outfits. As much as I love them looking like twinsies, I had no part in this outfit decision.  This was 100% Parker.

P is in charge of her wardrobe.  This makes me cringe sometimes.  Assert your independence, sure, but we have multiple discussions that just because you have a pink shirt, a pink skirt, and pink leggings and just because they match doesn't mean they all belong on you at the same time :)

I am happy to report that she is getting better with styling her four year old self and her two year old sister too.  Every morning Parker's mission to to match with Teagan.  Somehow they have a bagillion matching outfits so it's pretty easy.  Matching happens at bedtime too.  No wonder I constantly get asked if they're twins.

And just because I have girly girls who wear dresses day in day out doesn't mean they don't like exploring the fab trails in our sub.  That is until the prickly weed attack their legs and all hell breaks lose.

We got over that real fast though.

Out of the woods and back into master bath for a little makeover sesh.

With a bow to match :) 

Yes, one day my sweet love.  You too will be in frilly dresses, with a face full of makeup, hiking on the trails.  But not too soon!!


For now you will picnic with us at the local park.  We didn't plan a picnic this day but after an hour or so of playing, then walking to the other park, then trying to walk back to the car sans double stroller, it was basically child torture.  Their little legs needed some down time. True mothers always carry days worth of snacks.  We could have survived in that park forever.  Quite the possibility the way they were acting about walking 100 more feet.

It's 10pm now and all kiddos are tucked in their beds. Up next is something that's not on Disney Junior then off to bed.  Night!

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