Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teagan is 14 months, and a goodbye

Talk about making leaps and bounds this month.  Miss T is on the move.  From cruising on furniture, using the ottoman as a tool to climb on the couch and attack...err...pet Syd, to walking with anything that helps her along--our hands, the laundry bask, actual walker toys, chairs--she's figuring out that these legs things are a pretty cool accessory. Only a matter of time before she's running circles around us or, lets be honest, bothering her big sister ;)

Parker thinks she's the boss but lets be honest.  This girl is the really woman in charge.  

Sleep is improving--sort of.  Long gone are the days of painful cries and jerky moves.  Is it the lactose free formula? The zero dairy past noon policy? The blessings of the sleep gods? A combination of all the above? Whatever the case, Teagan is sleeping on her own for a good chunk of time before she wakes to cuddle with us.  Fine by me.  How could it not be when you stir in the middle of the night and find your two little ones next to each other, holding hands in a sleepy state. 

One day Teagan will get her revenge for having Nature Box stickers put on her unknowingly
Teagan loves saying "muh" for more, "dada/dadu/dayday" for daddy, "muym-uh" for mommy, and "cacka" for cracker.  She loves hugging everyone, dancing to her fave book "Ten Little Ladybugs," and wiggling out of our arms so she can explore the world.

Bring on the food!

Toddler 1 is now Teagan's main room at school and I couldn't be happier. The activities in this classroom are so fantastic and fun.  For instance,one day this month the kiddos will explore their sense of touch by feeling pine trees, snow, and branches.  Another day will focus on an outdoor scavenger hunt.  Another day, cookie baking.  Every day it's something new and exciting.  Super cool for Teagan!

She ain't mad at it.

In other news, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We had a great time in Illinois visiting with Kris' side of the family.  From a sleepover with Parker and my darling niece N, to black Friday shopping at 445am, to simply hanging out with those we don't' see enough of, it really was a memorable holiday.  More to come later.

And to end, tomorrow, with heavy hearts, we are traveling to Ohio to say goodbye to my Grandma Eva who passed away today.  I have so many fond memories of Gram.  Reading chapter books together, eating her fabulous spaghetti sauce, watching her the first time she held my first born...it's all very bittersweet in this moment of loss.  But I feel so grateful that she was there to watch me get married and bring two beautiful children into this world.  I'm glad she was able to hold both of her great grandbabies this past September when we visited.  And above all, I feel peace knowing that she will forever be watching over us.  Love you Gram and I'll miss you forever.

September 2013

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