Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa and more

Santa was visited in Columbus but we still planned on our usual routine--Somerset mall for photos.  If you want to see how crazy it is trying to see Santa, come take a visit at Somerset.  Hands down one of the nicest malls in the area with the "cheap" side toting Nordstrom and Macys and the "expensive" side across the street bringing Saks and Neiman Marcus to the table, it's on the fancier shmancier side of malls. And every year you'd think we're trying to visit the pope versus Santa Clause.  If you don't get in line prior to the 8am open time, you're screwed.  And even then you may not get a reservation that day. No Santa for you.

But last year we got lucky.  A mere few days prior to Christmas we strolled in around 10am and got right in.  I practically passed out from shock. So silly me believed this year would follow suit.  Both girls slept until the glorious time of 820am, we ate a leisurely breakfast, got dressed, and headed out.  Arrived at 10am.  Elf informed us, in her best you-guys-are-complete-and-utter-idiots voice that no, no you will not be seeing Mr. Clause today. was booked right up until the 9pm close.  Now let me remind you...Santa doesn't show up until 8am.  Elf told us that by 6am, a line was wrapped around the place.


But then a light bulb went off in Kris' head.  Bass Pro.

Let's back up.  A few months ago a coworker talked this place up. Said he takes his kids there to play, it's a blast, yada yada. The complete opposite of country this coworker is, I was intrigued.  So we went.  And it was a blast.  Bass Pro has river with ducks (real, live ducks), a HUGE fish tank, kid activities like coloring and letter writing to Santa, boats to pretend play joke, we were probably there an entire hour and could have stayed longer.  During the visit we were able to see the North Pole that was ready to roll that weekend.  That stuck in Kris' head so, eh, let's give it a try we decided.  Because who goes to Bass Pro to see Santa.

Well apparently a lot of people but not Somerset style. 30 minutes in line later (rather than 30 years) and we were with the big guy.  No way was Parker going to sit on his lap, but she did inform him that she would like a dog for Christmas.  Well I sure hope that Trikie the skateboarding dog will do because in no way, shape or form do I want another live dog in this house!

After we got back home I looked through the pics and thought awwww, so cute.  It wasn't until later that I noticed our furry friend in the background, giving the picture that classic, country quality you just cannot find at Somerset.

I practically pee myself with laughter every time I look at this picture. 

hill(like hillbilly).arious. Perhaps we found a new family tradition?!


This would be better if we were all decked out in camo with deer antler headbands.  There's always next year.
And other random happenings:

Mommy-daughter date.  Our first mani together.  I see many more pampered evenings in our future.


Tree farm, check. Flimsy saw, check.  Three year old asking at every tree if that's the one we were taking home, check.

Silly Parker.

Found it! Perfect size for the living room.  Fills the space just enough to allow Kris to still work on the fireplace.

 Ahhh, sisters.  Don't mind the luggage explosion in the background.  Like I said in the previous post, we were basically living out of suitcases for close to three weeks.  And see those heart shoes on Parker? Also lived in.  So much so that the first night we bought them Parker literally cuddled them as she fell asleep.  Now that's shoe dedication.

 Before and after.  Handy husband to the rescue again! Great job hun.  Now, according to Parker, Santa is able to come to our house because Daddy fixed the fireplace.

Our first flat screen, still kicking since 2005.  A gift from my parents when flat screens were the new thing to hit the electronic world.  

 Great Wolf Lodge again.  Every night they put on a show and story time.  Wylie the Wolf even showed up.

 Teagan high-fived him. Parker steered clear.

 Just imagine every last tree, exhibit, etc covered in lights just like this.  It was breathtaking.  Add this to the S annual Christmas tradition list for sure.

That's a wrap.  Looking forward to Sparkles the Elf bringing us our Christmas Eve PJs and Christmas movies in the morning and spending the day being lazy.  Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. New reader to your blog and loving it your family is adorable I will definitely have to check out bass pro at Christmas time