Monday, May 6, 2013

April Recap

Another month of fun!

Gymnastics classes finished up.  Parker seemed to really enjoy the bulk of it except when it came to interacting with the instructor.  16 weeks with the same teacher and 16 weeks of Parker going all out to avoid any close interaction.   If Ms. Melissa was at a circuit, Parker wouldn’t do it.  The only time Ms. M felt the Parker love was at the end of class when she would stamp their hands and feet.  What is it with kids and stamps?

Easter (technically March) greeted us with sunny skies and two babes cooperating with wagon time.  We walked all through the sub with ease.  I wasn't quite sure if Teagan would be able to sit and not flip forward and sometimes it's quite challenging keeping Parker contained but a successful trip it was.  Quite different from the wagon ride yesterday when we didn't even make it to the sidewalk.  Note to self: broken Nutrigrain bars result in toddler fits of rage.

Teagan flashing it back to the 90s with her talk to the hand gesture.

The BOB Duallie finally hit the pavement.  I’ve been dying to get a good run in with this thing once spring hit. Mid-40s with a hint of wind was the bulk of April and while not exactly the spring weather I hoped for, it worked.  I huffed and puffed during the entire jog and I’m not going to lie, it was tough.  But I’m determined to get back to where I used to be.  Being pregnant every other summer messes with my jogging routine :)

Never do I want my babies to be sick but if they have to be it might as well be on a day that’s 70 and sunny.  Teagan was at the tail end of her week long ear infection/viral infection/general mad baby infection so it was very much so an enjoyable day playing hooky with the girls.    The usual occurred—Parker diva’d, Teagan smiled. 

If this isn't sassy pants I don't know what is.

Parker and Teagan played together, alone, for ten minutes while I put some final touches a weekend meal of pasta with sausage and Alfredo. Words cannot describe how my heart feels watching them interact.  How has my heart not exploded from all this cuteness yet?

Perhaps the most exciting thing of the month is that Parker can ride her trike! She is SO incredibly proud of herself.  And I’m so proud for her.  I cannot tell you how many hours we’ve spent outside with her bike the past couple weeks.  All the instructions on how to pedal just clicked and off she went. 

Lazy days were spent napping on the couch, Kris ripped out the basement with a little help from Yuengling and the kegerator, and a nice sunny day was spent at the Villages.

Great month as usual.  We're all looking forward to the nice sunny days May has in store for us!

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