Monday, February 14, 2011

Yummy Thumbs

Up until a few weeks ago Parker had no interest in sucking her thumb. It was either all of her fingers in her mouth or none at all. Then she finally discovered her thumb and thought it was the best thing for a couple weeks. Now she goes back and forth between her fingers and thumb depending on her mood:) I always thought that thumb sucking was something you never wanted a baby to do, but I read up on it and was happy to find out that it isn't so bad at all--it's a way for baby to self soothe. Now if Parker is ten years old and still sucking her thumb then we may have a problem ;)

Her thumb can only satisfy her for so long when there is a plush apple to be tasted!

Parker in one of the many dresses that I planned for her to fit into this summer. Little did I know how fast she would be growing!

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