Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Updates & E is ONE!

After a long hiatus, I am back!

Last week was a big week for the S family.  Little baby E turned ONE! This girl can do no wrong.  Sweet to the core, always happy, always ready to giggle, always ready to explore, she is simply the best. 

Food is not her favorite thing (aka, Miss Picky), and what she likes one day may not be tolerated the next.  Girl still loves bottles and while we'll have to wean her off those soon it's not today so we'll keep on with that.  E thinks it's so funny to crawl away from us as fast as she can while looking back often to make sure we're following. When she runs she's bee-lining for either (1) the bathroom--gross or (2) the stairs.  E can make it all the way up with ease.  Girl has got moves too.  If something plays music she cannot help but shake it ;) 

Two little teeth, the first ones, started to poke up about two weeks ago.  So adorable to see the beginning of a toothy grin. This past week Emerson started to walk while holding on to toys and is couch surfing.  I give it one month before she's literally on the run.  

Nighttime is my favorite.  The way Emerson will cuddle up with a bottle and still lets me rock her to sleep melts my heart.  The fact that she sleeps through the night every night doesn't hurt either ;) She adores her sisters and the feeling is mutual.  When I was pregnant with E a lot of people asked me if I was disappointed that it wasn't a girl.  NOPE! I yearned for another girl after seeing the bond between Parker and Teagan and can't wait to continue seeing how E grows with our family.  

Yep, I know I'm cute.
We call this Baby Jail.  When your hallways are too big for traditional baby gates you flip your kitchen bench over and call it a day. 

Always looking to keep up with big sis #1 and big sis #2.

Hmmmm, Baby Jail works on 3 year olds too??

Happy Birthday, Princess!!

Enjoying her new nap mat.  I will never forget Teagan reacting the exact same way to her nap mat on her first bday :) 

The best birthday gifts: handmade artwork now proudly hung in Emerson's nursery!

After gifts and delish french toast made by yours truly we bundled up and headed out to the zoo.  It was nice to get out and enjoy the brisk, fresh air.  The animals felt the same way because they were moving all over the place.

After hours at the zoo we made it back home, ate cake (E liked it!), and rocked our one  year old to sleep.  Love you bunches baby!

The next morning we woke up to this unbelievably gorgeous sunrise.  No filter needed on this pic.

A curious baby makes cooking (or doing anything else for the matter) a tad...interesting.  So when that happens you have to bust out the big guns.  A bunch of random stuff to keep E occupied so dinner can get made.

Like the "secret pantry" which is filled with yummy things.

Note to self: after letting baby play with the Costco sized salsa jar make sure she does not somehow unscrew it leaving it upside down on the floor.  Not saying this happen, just watch out.  Because it could.  And it could be messy.  Carry on now.

Oh well, whatever.  Who needs salsa for dinner? Emerson is on it with plan B.  Microwaved blocks.  The letter M to be specific.

Today we hit up the random parking lot fair that I swear appears out of thin air.  When I see it my jaw drops because it's just SO surreal and unexpected that I'm blown away.  Super fun and the girls definitely got in loads of rides.

Happy weekend to all! We are looking forward to watching both our soccer stars play on a nice spring day tomorrow :)

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