Monday, October 25, 2010

Parker's First Week

It's hard to believe that Parker is a week (and a day) old today! We're cherishing every moment we have because this sweet newborn period will pass faster than we know it.

Kris and I have been curious for months to see how Sydney would react to her "little sister." If you don't know Sydney that well, she is a very timid, shy, yet sweet dog. When we first brought Parker into the house Sydney started barking at her--great we thought. Not the start that we were looking for! But as soon as we put Parker's carseat on the floor Sydney's brave persona took a back seat and she jumped onto the safety of the couch where she could carefully observe this little person.

Once we got Parker out of the carseat Sydney went to investigate it.

Then she went to check Parker out. Don't worry, there's no dog licks going on in this photo, just sniffing :) Ever since this moment Sydney has been very protective of Parker. If she cries, Sydney will run to her. If we move Parker to another room, Sydney follows. Unfortunately, Sydney also wants to protect her by barking at every car and person that goes around the cul-de-sac. We're working on getting her to calm down! Amazingly, Parker is not bothered at all by the barking. We wonder if it's because she heard so much of it while in the womb!

The bouncer is just a bit big for this tiny girl! Soon enough she will fit in it.

The only parts of the bath that Parker enjoys are when she's fist cuddled in her hooded towel and when it's all over. Kris and I are working on speed bathing ;)

Sydney keeping a watchful eye over her sister in the co-sleeper.

So this is what I felt Parker doing while she was in the womb! She was trying to kickbox me!

Right before going on our first walk! The weather was in the 70s and sunny, a perfect day to take a short walk in our subdivision. It was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air before winter arrives. This was our first shot at the Moby Wrap and it is a lifesaver! Since we love holding on to Parker all the time, this wrap lets us still keep her close while being able to move freely around the house. Thanks Grandma Eva and Aunt Linda for the wonderful wrap! We'll be getting a lot of use out of it!

I've been excited to introduce Sophie the Giraffe to Parker ever since I heard about this toy. It gets rave reviews and Parker seems to give it five stars too!

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